Program Overview

You have a fascinating story that is your life. It is the story that has lead up to this very moment. It is a story that involves your own connection with water… We would like to co-create the next chapter of your story with you.


We applaud your interest in the Soak Sister Site Program and affirm that it holds the promise of creating an exceptional life for you and your loved ones, for years and decades to come.  


Owning a business that generates income for you, and all those whom you will employ in this venture, can transform your entire life.


Waking up everyday knowing that you are truly serving your community by offering healing, connection and relaxation carries with it a deep sense of satisfaction and meaning.


Taking on the learning curve of doing something you have never done before will inevitably result in the personal growth that will bring so many aspects of your life to the next level!

Getting you Funded, Built and Operating!

The Soak Sister Site Program is designed to walk you all the way through the process of getting your unique Soak Bathhouse funded, built and fully operational.


The program is arranged with three distinct phases. The first phase, ‘Plan’ is designed to prepare you and your business to receive the investment capital it will likely need to be built and open to serve.


The second phase, ‘Build’ is designed to walk you through the actual process of securing your location, building out your Soak Bathhouse infrastructure, and establishing the team and business systems to open your doors and become cash-flow positive!

The third phase, ‘Operate’ supports you on an ongoing basis as you operate your Soak Bathhouse location, and provides a connection to a growing community of Soak owners as we build a national Brand together and spread the healing power of waters to communities across North America!

You Are Invited to Apply for Phase I: ‘Plan!’

This letter is an invitation for you to apply for the first phase of the Soak Sister Site Program.


This is your first step to owning and running your own Soak location.


You will never find a more thoughtful, thorough, specific, affordable and supportive business start up program as the one presented here!  

Phase I: Planning Your Soak Bathhouse

Phase I lays your foundation for success!  This is a 13-week education, consulting and coaching phase that prepares you for the process of opening your own Soak Bathhouse.  You receive support to methodically plan the fundamental aspects of your site and business.


You will receive weekly training modules and calls to take you through the planning processes step by step. Once you are done with this 13-week program you will have an  in-depth and personalized business plan ready to be reviewed by those who will help provide the funding and support to make your dreams come true.  


If you are able to fund your Soak business on your own, the business planning process is still invaluable, as it will become the written ‘guidebook’ of the knowledge you will use to build, operate and promote your Soak Bathhouse.  


You will be provided with the templates, resources, consulting, education and support to make the process of birthing this dream project attainable. At the end of the 13 weeks you will have a business plan, investor presentation and the legal documents to professionally discuss your new business with investors, collaborators, allies and new team members.


We will hold your hand step-by-step each week as we prepare your business plan with you. The core content of the weekly calls includes the following:

  • Vision & Business Structure

  • Team Preparation & Financial Modeling

  • Business Planning Framework

  • Market Research

  • Client Acquisition

  • Fundraising

  • Products & Services

  • Organizational Plan

  • Water Systems

  • Start Up Expenses / Capitalization

  • Funding Raising


The process is customized to you, your circumstances, your needs, and your unique readiness to create a Soak Bathhouse in your town!


By the end of this phase you will have the clarity you need to continue developing your business and the confidence you need to present your business to investors and future clientele.

You will then be ready for, and qualified to move into the next phase of the licensing process, Phase II: Building Your Soak Bathhouse.  

Is This Right for You?

We choose carefully who we accept into this program. For those we do, we make a long-term investment in you and the success of your business.  We are looking for people whom we can count on to build the Soak Brand across North America. It is important for all of us to discover if this is a good fit.


If you are focused solely on making money, are not inspired by the healing properties of water, not willing and ready to give this your all, and not ready to learn many new things, this opportunity is not for you.

However, if you are inspired by water, by creating a gift for your community, committed to building a new business, and see it all the way through, ready to expand your capacities and create a bathhouse as an extension of your love and work in the world, you are who we are looking for and we would love to work with you!

Your Next Step

Proceed by clicking the link ‘Apply Now’ and complete the application fully.  


Your application will be reviewed and if you are selected, you will be scheduled to have a call with Soak Founder, Wren Farris, to finalize the application process and welcome you into the Soak Sister Site Program.


Thank you for your time and care thus far.  We look forward to reviewing your application, getting to know you and your dreams, and starting a beautiful, fruitful, journey together.